About us

The Terezín Initiative (TI) is an association of former Jewish prisoners of the Terezín ghetto and other ghettos and concentration camps and their direct descendants. Currently, the Terezín Initiative has approximately 300 members in the Czech Republic (of which about 140 are members of the so-called 1st generation) and about 50 members living abroad. 

The main goal of the Terezín Initiative is to ensure that the memory of those who perished during the Shoah is preserved in a dignified manner. Therefore, on various occasions, it tries to commemorate the murdered and point out the necessity of an active fight against violence and cooperates in educating the young generation to tolerance, active rejection of all manifestations of racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia. According to their possibilities, its members take part in discussions and lectures at schools in the country and abroad as witnesses and participate in a number of other projects. 

The Terezín Initiative financially supports educational trips of Czech schoolchildren and students to Terezín Memorial, while using grants NFOH and MŠMT ČR.

For the purposes of documentation and research into the history of the Terezín ghetto and the Shoah in the Czech lands, it founded in 1993 Terezín Initiative Institute.
TI publishes 5-6 times a year Terezín Initiative magazine, which is accessible on this page.
Apart from the above-mentioned earmarked grants, TI's only income comes from voluntary contributions from members and donations from which it must finance its activities. In this regard, TI was once greatly helped by a significant financial bequest from a former Terezin prisoner.
The Terezín Initiative is headed by a board elected by the assembly, which meets once a year. It elects the chairman of the Terezín Initiative from its midst. Currently, this position is held by PhDr. Michal Stránský. The board meets once a month, except during the summer holidays.

The Terezín Initiative is a collective member of the organization WFJCSHD, you can find find various interesting information on these pages.